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Vegetable oils and butters

Our portfolio of vegetable oils and butters are rich in the organic benefits of nature. These chemically unaltered products feature a broad range of biologically active components that offer a world of benefits in modern skin care.

Since the early days of mankind, the butters and oils derived from natural vegetables have been used to treat skin conditions and to retain or enhance natural beauty. And although the main function of these products is to provide emolliency, our comprehensive portfolio offers so much more.

Our high purity products are carefully sourced from a global network of specialist local suppliers, enabling a choice of different skin feels and biological actions, whilst the exotic and beautiful originations of our products can be used to unlock a wealth of marketing advantages.

As with all Jan Dekker products, our vegetable oils and butters are subjected to rigorous quality control, guaranteeing a high quality product that is fully traceable and supported by an established and reliable infrastructure.