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Offering incomparable purity and an excellent organoleptic profile, Dekanex is a well-defined synthetic oil with a range of applications across the fields of sun care, make-up, baby care, skin and body care.

The chemically inert nature of this product, along with the extra purification in the strictly-controlled production process ensures Dekanex is ideal for demanding applications that require reproducibility and excellent safety.

Its status as non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitising and non-comedogenic means Dekanex can be trusted in formulations for the most sensitive skin types.

• Dekanex FG oils are extremely pure and safe
• Dekanex 2004 FG delivers a silky, non-oily skin feel
• Dekanex 2006 FG offers sensory softness
• Dekanex 2008 FG provides a rich, velvety skin feel