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With full traceability from harvest through to production, our Gemmoblasts range is derived from fresh buds - an embryonic part of the plant with an intense cellular turnover.

By concentrating the biological energies of the plant through Gemmotherapy, a range of health benefits are achieved when taking buds orally.

There are four selected plant species, each providing its own unique cosmetic benefits.

• Gemmoslim, containing common fig to offer slimming properties
• Gemmodrain, made from mountain ash to activate blood circulation
• Gemmocalm, derived from blackcurrant soothes neurogenic inflammation
• GemmoNova, made from safflower has anti-aging properties

Our broad portfolio of active ingredients also includes Avocadol, Dekluron and Gamma-Oryzanol, which offers beneficial properties ranging from excellent moisturisation through to superior skin care qualities.