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Discover our product portfolio of oils, butters, antioxidants, beeswax and additives!
Careful use of natural sources

Jan Dekker: quality

Always focused on providing the highest possible standards in both service and product.

Jan Dekker: sustainability

Highly committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Jan Dekker: history

Drawing on almost 240 years of experience as specialist in the personal care field.

Care for beauty. Powered by nature.

Drawing on almost 240 years’ experience as a specialist in vegetable oils and butters for the personal care field, we offer a high-quality and 100% natural portfolio covering oils, butters, antioxidants, beeswax and additives. This is supplemented by a comprehensive synthetic portfolio offering preservatives, Dekanex and other actives and antioxidants.

Our Product Portfolio

Vegetable oils and butters
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